Day One: Admit you have a problem and do something about it

So I’ve been here before, well, not quite as bad a predicament, but this time I am on the spiral down into the well of plumpness overload.  So I’ve lost weight before, I’ve just got to darn-it, do it again.

Day One: I have a problem with eating.  Eating is just great, makes me feel good, helps when I am tired, I love eating.  Here the breaking of that addiction begins (again).  I am motivated (ish) – got a wedding dress to organise in a couple of months.  Last time I lost weight, I lost a lot, and I’m hoping to be just as motivated this time, to get back down to near what I was before.

So here we go, vital statistics:

Left Thigh 67.3 cm Left Calf 42.5 Left Arm 34 Lower Hip 110 Upper Hip 116 Waist 103 Under bust 87.5 Bust 100 Weight 84.4 kg

Wish me luck!



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