In the oven tonight…

So while I’ve been tremendously good all day, no snacks…I even turned down a malteser! I did not have salad at lunch, instead it was Christmas meal-style. So I only had the Turkey, chipolata wrapped in a slice of bacon, a small wedge of stuffing with gravy (oh and a small slice of chocolate cake). Ahh.. You can’t be utterly perfect all the time. But there’s no need to overeat and by not going for the roast tatties, I took a chance on dessert.
So that’s caused an issue with dinner tonight. I don’t want two big meals. Plus I have limited ingredients.
I am in the process of cooking a pasta bake. Wholegrain pasta -always- home made cheesy sauce (not much cheese and not too much sauce) made with only a small knob of butter. Inside is the tuna from a tin, topped with a little grated cheese and breadcrumbs. Served with carrots and cabbage.


I will let you know how it turns out. But most importantly, its still 1/4 plate carb so while there’s a lot in the dish to cook, it doesn’t mean I have to eat it all! Over cooking is such an issue as its so easy to go back for more, but you mustn’t! That’s how the weight loss stops and the weight gain begins again. Stick with eating extra veg than carb.


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