Starting over

So yesterday was okay, pleased after a couple of days to still be motivated. Today will be relatively tough, lots of sweets around for Christmas plus a buffet meal out tonight. Buffets can be an issue for the dieter.. You’re still hungry and the lovely bites are just waiting for second helpings!
But its vital to keep strong and to not lower your expectations about how much you’re eating. You can survive on smaller portions! Also keep a dream in your mind; maybe it’s wanting to fit into a smaller dress size, or losing weight before an op, perhaps you’re just incredibly unhappy being overweight..? When I lost the bulk of weight, I was 150kg and over a year and a half I got down to just under 75kg. Where I waivered for over two years. I was deeply unhappy. And going through the process of losing so much weight strained my mental health, friendships and relationships. But it was so worth it! And now the weight has crept up a bit after being a bit poorly over the summer and now a wedding is in sight, I have a goal and I’m going to stick to it. The plan is to get back down to 75kg. I know I can because I’ve done it before! But when you haven’t been a normal weight, losing enough just seems impossible. When I lost the bulk of the weight, I set myself small targets along the way, in fact I never imagined that I’d lose as much as half my body weight. So here I go again, nowhere near as much to go this time but the effort is the same. I have done it before, I can do it again, so can you.


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