Hangover cures…

So yesterday was fun, last day of work before the holidays; meal out for lunch and dinner, plus lots of wine.  Fact is, if you’re going to drink alcohol or any sugary soft drinks, you won’t be able to sustain weight loss.  I rarely drink lemonade, coke etc as it is pumped with sugar, or sweeteners for the diet versions.  Best just to stick to water or squash!  But last night I had one too many wines and am feeling the harshness of reality this morning.  So today I will be nursing my hangover by NOT eating junk food or loading up on carbs! There’s no benefit to eating huge quantities of food just because I’m feeling tired.

I was pretty good at the buffet last night too, just a couple of small plates. Hoping to do well today.  Feeling motivated by nursing my hangover by watching on Netflix ‘The World’s Fattest Man’.  So many unhappy morbidly obese people in the UK and in the world.  Once you’re in the cycle of overeating, it’s almost impossible to stop. I’ve been there; I knew at my largest that there were so many things I couldn’t do but I felt helpless to change.  But I did change, anyone can do it. I really believe that.  I did it without surgery, you can too.


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