Surviving the Saturday food temptations


So its the weekend and you want to spoil yourself! But that’s not conducive to weight loss! So one-egg scrambled on one slice of toast for breakfast is a good start. Still all the yummy but not too naughty. Homemade mum’s vegetable soup plus two crackerbread slices for lunch. One very cheeky cookie (my niece insisted as she cooked them specially..). Then for dinner spaghetti and meatballs. Some shop bought meatballs (oven cooked so no oil), but not many! A 5p coin of spaghetti and a homemade passata sauce. It’s easy, a carton of the tomato sauce, a squirt of tomato paste plus some herbs, perfect. None of that rubbish you get in jars from the store. Fill the plate up with salad, so it looks like you’re eating more than you are. Teeny bit of cheese on top.


But slight dilemma. Going to watch star wars tonight… Ice cream anyone?!


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