BBC News: Weight loss surgery ‘cuts risk’ of diabetes and heart attacks

Weight loss surgery ‘cuts risk’ of diabetes and heart attacks –

When I lost half my body weight, I remember a friend of mine saying to me that someone at work was spreading rumours that I had surgery to lose the weight. I found that incredibly insulting and upsetting. It had been so tough losing the weight and dieting for so long, rather than saying something positive about how fit I was now, they chose to say something negative. Well that’s just jealousy I guess! Some people find it hard to believe that you can change or make a success of something and try to bring you down, but don’t let it. During the weight loss its easy to get compliments about the changes that are visible to others, but inside its hard not to feel that actually people are criticising the old you (or current you if they deem that you haven’t lost enough). It’s so important to hold your head up high. I recall having to constantly explain my weight loss to others, but I’m more than that! I’m smart, funny, etc…
It’s weird thinking about the mix of emotions and changes that happened during and after the weight loss. How some people quietly supported me, which was the best way; while others asked ‘are you feeling better?’ Wow that drove me to the brink of anger! I didn’t have a cold, I was morbidly obese! Yes, thank you, I feel sooo much better… Ha!
It doesn’t matter how you lose the weight. I strongly believe that willpower is the best way as not only will you lose weight, but you’ll keep it off. Which I have done pretty much, just hoping to shave off a stone really pre-wedding. But I know I have reduced my chances of various heart conditions, diabetes etc which were all motivating factors.  Back when I was 150kg I thought I would soon die, not a great thought in your late 20s! But now 5 years on, life is much more optimistic! I can walk far and fast, have a good level of fitness generally, have a fiancĂ© (yes I am loved!) and feel good about how I look.
How things have changed! You can change too.


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