Taking care of business

Yesterday was a little tricky for weight loss; well the whole christmas period is a diet nightmare, lets face it. I went to my parents for the afternoon which included lunch and dinner at theirs.  I can feel myself already getting into the paranoia state of mind which I hate, but need at the same time. I used to live with my family up to four years ago and we were all big eaters and while my family don’t eat such big portions now, the temptations are all still there.  I told them that I’m back on the diet, so they know what to expect of me; small portions sizes, minimal carbohydrate.  I managed a small lunch, 4 ryvitas, some cheese and a tomato, wowee I was hungry after that so had one custard cream over the afternoon.  Then dinner was roast chicken, mainly veg and no roast potatoes! I managed to avoid the chocolate ice cream and stuck with a ski mousse yogurt. Sometimes it can feel like you’re inconveniencing someone by being on a diet, or that it’s something to be ashamed of, but I’m well past that!  You can eat responsibly and go out and do the things that everyone else does, but it’s all about control.  Even if that means being a little paranoid.

So how to survive Christmas? You can’t exactly eat ryvita! I have a plan of what to eat in my mind to help focus what I’m allowing myself. Firstly, breakfast is going to be a sausage, a rasher of bacon and an egg with once slice of toast.  No christmas snacks! Then usual roast, but I won’t eat the whole plate full. Only a sliver of dessert.  In the afternoon there’ll be some kind of supper, but again, no filling up the plate.

I’m hoping for a status quo week this week rather than worrying about losing weight.  It’s not easy, Christmas time is a challenge, but it is possible to get through.  Bring on the weigh-in on Sunday!


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