Back to it!

So I’m back on it! Went for a nice walk which coincided with a trip to the supermarket for food; time to plan the next couple of days of food. My partner and I are at home for all meals these two days and when I ask him what he wants, his reply was typical

shall we just get a pizza?

Er, no! It’s down to easiness rather than taste that he’s suggesting the pizza. But pizza really should be a rare treat: so much sugar in the sauce, cheese, extra fats plus the carb heavy base. Chances are, if you’re buying and eating any processed foods, it’ll be high in salt, sugar and fat. That’s why they’re so good! However they will not be helping the diet.

So we’ve opted for meatballs one day and meat and veg the next. For lunch, its salad (ryvitas for me, baguette for him). Lots of celery and pepper sticks, they’re crunchy and juicy which makes you feel like you’re eating something. Lettuce tends to make me feel more empty. Now, to avoid all the sweets and biscuits given to me for Christmas this  afternoon!



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