Day 14: Dare I..? Post-Christmas weigh in

So the last week and especially the past couple of days have been challenging for weight loss. In fact I’m sure I have regained any weight lost during the week while I was dieting hard.
Trying to diet long term has its ups and downs so you always have to keep positive if you have a week when you gain instead of lose, or lose nothing. Now’s the time, I better go hit the scales!
81.8 kg. Lost 0.2 kg this week despite the food and general lack of activity over the past couple of days. That is a total loss of 2.6 kg.
I would say in a 10 week period while dieting really hard it’s possible to lose 10% of your body weight (that’s about 8.5 kg for me) or 5% if moderately dieting. So to stay somewhere near target I need to lose about 0.85 kg a week. My first week has gladly compensated for this week’s performance. Right, back on it!


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