Food and exercise


So I forgot to show last night’s dinner: meatballs. I’ve had this once already in the diet. You’ll see how little spaghetti there actually is on the plate!


This morning I did some exercise! I don’t normally do exercise and dieting at the start of the diet, its just a recipe for disaster. It’s too easy to get the exercise:food ratio wrong. Firstly, when you’re overweight, chances are you’re not very fit. Doing strenuous exercise when overweight simply isn’t safe, plus you run the risk of injuring yourself. Secondly, its important to get the food right, as soon as exercise is mixed in, its too easy to eat after exercise, and eat the wrong things… Or perhaps to over eat at meal time. But the weather was good for once so I voted on a bike ride for about 45 minutes. Not too much while I regain my fitness and no overeating after! I did have a rather nice hot chocolate after but no other snack or treats all day otherwise. Salad for lunch (shown above) and oven roasted veg and pork chop. Yogurt for dessert. Simple!




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