Body image, loving your body

Interesting post on body image here, link below. How confused us women are about our bodies and ‘ideals’. When I first lost the weight I held no fantasy about being thin, I just wanted to be able to do all the things other people did (like fit in an aeroplane seat) and lead a much healthier life. As I lost the weight, I found that I had a greater desire to actually be slim, rather than healthy. Losing weight can magnify your own body image issues and self worth. I found it an incredibly difficult time! Despite having lost over half my body weight I still felt that more was needed, perhaps I would be noticed more or loved better by my then boyfriend? Crazy thoughts! Fact is, I’m happy enough with my body now but I am not as fit as I was and known there’s a downward spiral of regaining more weight unless I put a stop to it and try to lose those regained pounds now. But it won’t be because I want to be other people’s idea of slim, I just want to be fit and a little healthier.

Half-Marathon; Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Body –


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