So a yummy lamb steak (grilled), a medium sweet potato (microwaved) and cabbage and carrot (steamed) dinner by candlelight was dinner. And boy I needed it! First day back to work after the holidays… I’ve been in various meetings and been rather hungry. But I’m already feeling like I’m back on the right track.


Today I was in a training session about teen mental health issues and it touched on stress, anxiety.. Depression and eating disorders including obesity. Squirm, squirm I felt in my chair. Not exactly the cheeriest of topics for the day but the section on obesity erked me somewhat.
I really like it when people comment on obesity like they know what they’re talking about. The lady speaker said that obesity is caused by the numbing of emotions by feeling full. To help suppress the bad feelings, just keep topping up that full feeling. While I can relate to that to some extent I feel that it’s so much more than this. What of learned habits? My family were obese when I was a child, I didn’t know any better! And unlearning bad habits when it comes to overeating is very difficult. It’s like beating a nicotine addiction born in childhood… So while its important to get a grip of what might be causing emotional problems, or self esteem issues, a lot of obesity could be avoided by education, of parents and children.

When you’re rewarded with dessert for eating all your dinner… When your mum asks you if you want second helpings with a smile on her face… And you’re told that you must finish your dinner, as value is placed on the food you’re served… Snacks are everywhere and you’re not told ‘no’. Well, there be the problem! I’ve never really binged on food, yes I’ve eaten my fair share of chocolate and biscuits but my main issue as it is for many I’m sure, is portion size and learning that feeling hungry is okay.
You can make a change and be different and learn new ways.


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