And so the confusion continues! BBC News: Diet debate: Low-fat or high-fat – does it matter?

Today the BBC have published the results of yet another study (see link below). This study involves the diet of people who cut fat or cut carbs basically. Fact is, you need to cut down on everything! Carbohydrates make you feel full initially when you OD on them but they can also make you feel very tired and sluggish. Plus I believe that eating excessive amounts of carbs helps you gain weight, particularly for those people who are already overweight. But what about the fat? I butter my bread, with proper butter… I use olive oil absolutely everywhere in my cooking… I eat all kinds of meat but I eat small portions of it. Meat or protein is absolutely essential to our existence and it helps me diet long-term as I actually feel like I’m eating something! I lose weight this way, but I do avoid processed meats where possible, and processed foods. You might notice that most of my dinners are a portion of meat, tonnes of veg and a small portion of carb. Meat and two veg I guess! It’s worked before and its working now…

Diet debate: Low-fat or high-fat – does it matter? –


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