One month measurements and weigh in

Drum roll….!
Left Thigh 67.3 cm now 64.5 cm: 2.8 cm loss
Left Calf 42.5 now 41 cm: 1.5 cm loss
Left Arm 34 now 33 cm: 1 cm loss
Lower Hip 110 now 106 cm: 4 cm loss
Upper Hip 116 now 112.5 cm: 3.5 cm loss
Waist 103 now 89 cm: 14 cm loss
Under bust 87.5 now 85 cm: 2.5 cm loss
Bust 100 now 96 cm: 4 cm loss
Weight 84.4 kg now 81.9 kg: 2.5 kg loss

One month later and the diet is paying off. I’ve re-lost the weight I put on over new year which is good. Plus that’s despite eating more than usual over the past two days. I’ve been feeling a bit tired plus there was a birthday party yesterday so hopefully it might be even better than that by tomorrow.
The measurements are very pleasing, particularly my waist measurement. Just need to keep going, another 6 weeks to go!
Going to reward myself with a swim this morning…


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