Busy week

Monday to Friday I have such a busy time of it, I’m a teacher and the marking just seems endless! It means I’m sat down for long periods of time, plus its boring which encourages me to snack. Not great! I’ve not really moved about much this week but I feel like I’ve managed to diet successfully. This week I made the decision to start taking in lunch rather than having lunch at school. It allows me to have more control over my food, no naughties. Has resulted in me feeling quite famished by dinner, but that’s okay! As I’ve said before, its about feeling okay with being hungry.


So some of the weird food combinations this week included salmon with some paella rice with a tin of tomatoes.


A big lump of gammon steak with vegetables, no potato!


A macaroni tomato pasta bake filled with onion, courgette and pepper with a rather sad looking pork chop!

I also had chicken roast plus my usual sweet and sour chicken stir fry.

Today will be a challenge: out to lunch with the in-laws to a restaurant! If the food is on the plate, I find it near impossible not to gobble it all down. I want a good weigh-in tomorrow morning so I’ll try very hard not go eat too much. Going for a walk too, plus hopefully tomorrow a swim. It is sunny outside so might as well enjoy it!


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