Week 5 weigh-in: still going…

So thrilled this morning, jumped on the scales and down to 80.6 kg, so down 1.3 kg from last week and a total loss of 3.8 kg! Being back in the 70s would be fantastic and I might manage that next week.
So yesterday’s exercise turned into an hours walk in the woods in the morning then 50 minutes swim in the afternoon. Always funny swimming on a Saturday afternoon and having to take evasive action to get round the kids playing with inflatables.
Hopefully we can get out for a long walk today too, its cold but at least it’s bright outside. I’m so lucky living somewhere that has so many nice places to walk on its doorstep.
Yesterday’s lunch at Prezzo, had the spinach salad with chicken and goats cheese which was good, I wish the restaurants published calories on the menu too. It can be very hard to judge and compare different foods. The main reason I chose that dish was it wasn’t carb loaded as most of the choices there are. We just had salad for dinner too, I had a couple of crispbreads with it.


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